My First Blog

Well, this is it- my first blog.  I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now that I should start a blog, but I kept thinking…who would want to read about my life?  I work long hours in a loud, smelly lab with a bunch of men and I spend my days wearing either sweaty workout clothes or a scratchy lab coat. Really, I’m glamorous.

Seriously, why does this guy look so much better in a lab coat than me?

I wanted to make sure that I was staying accountable to my fitness, my health, and to my leisure time.  Working as a Ph.D student can get very hectic and tiring, and usually the last thing I want to do when I come home is go out again.  So, I spend my time at home reading blogs, reading newspapers, planning menus and workouts, etc.  I figure, rather than just sitting around in my living room doing this by myself, maybe I could share some of this with other people!  Not sure what this blog will turn into, but its a new adventure and I’m up for it!


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