Why Grad School is Bad for your health

I’ve been reading a LOT of health and fitness blog recently, and I have to say that I’m inspired to get up off my butt and do something challenging.  To that end….I am actively looking for a starter race, 5K or sprint triathlon, to do in the next year.  After reading Emily’s race report (find it here : <a href=”http://www.sweatonceaday.com/2011/07/ironman-lake-placid-race-report.html&#8221; title=”Emily’s”></a>) about her FULL Ironman (holy cow, bury me now), I am majorly inspired to get my butt in gear!

On that note, time to make some confessions.  Grad school is bad for your health!  Since starting a year ago, I’ve seen my workouts decrease in intensity and my eating become..well…reactive.  I get home from work, I’m stressed and don’t want to cook, so…cereal looks good!  Ice Cream?  Totally.  Veggies…ehhh  So, this summer after realizing my late night trips to bars with friends and crappy pub food had added 15 pounds to my already….athletic (this is a nice way of saying curvy, right?) frame I decided it was time for a change.  I kicked my butt in gear, stopped drinking, overhauled my diet and upped the intensity of my workouts.  22 pounds later, I’m feeling pretty good!  In fact, I’m 7 pounds lighter than I was when I started school.  I still have 10 pounds to burn before I’m at my self-assigned fighting weight, but I think I’m doing pretty well!  Its amazing what stress can do to your body and your health.  I know its hard to make strong declarations, but I’m NEVER letting stress and work get the better of my health again.  You only get one body; treat it well!

Treat your body well and it will thank you 🙂

And thats exactly what I did this morning!  Worked my body hard, and its thanking me for it.  Did my lower body lifting workout this morning.  I prefer to divide lifting into upper and lower body because I LOVE to lift and I like to spend my time concentrating on different muscles.  If I try to do it all at once, I’m racing around like a mad-woman and I miss some important things.  I know not everyone likes to lift like this, but it works for my body, so I keep it up.  My workout this morning consisted of a quick 10 minute warmup on the step machine and then 3 rounds of the following circuit:

Squats (105lbs): 12 reps

Step ups (25lbs): 10 reps each leg

Walking lunges (with 25lb weight overhead): 15 reps each leg

Single Leg Split Squats: 8 reps each leg

Deadlifts (50 lbs): 12 reps

I rounded it out with 10 minutes of ab work and some light stretching.  The whole deal took me about 55 minutes and certainly had my heart rate going.

Off to work.  Gotta work hard for the money DEGREE!!


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