Awful and Awesome

This morning was a mix of awful and awesome, in approximately equal quantities.  The awful started yesterday afternoon when I felt a cold coming on.  My coworker brought the world’s worst cold to work with him on Tuesday and by last night I knew I was getting it.

The awesome was that I still got out of bed this morning and did an amazing treadmill workout (below).  I managed to run further than I ever have before- all while sneezing and coughing into my handy dandy sweat towel.  I normally work out even when I’m sick and it tends to make me feel better, and today was no exception.  AWESOME workout.

Then the awful continued….we had a work meeting at 8am which meant dragging myself to work (not that 8 isn’t my normal time) and trying not to cough on everyone during the meeting.  I succeeded in arriving on time.  The coughing part, I’m not going to talk about.  Speaking of talking…o wait..I can’t!  I got up to do my part of the meeting, and my voice wouldn’t come out!  I sounded like a really awful mix of Minnie Mouse and a prepubescent boy!  Everyone laughed, I squeaked through my presentation, and then sat down.

The almost awesome resulted in going home at 1pm.  Awesome because I’m currently sitting on my couch, wrapped in blankets, drinking honey-lemon tea.  Awful because I have to go into work on Sunday to make up for the time I’m losing today.  O well, win some, lose some.  And sometimes when you lose some, there is tea 🙂

Watching the rain fall and spending my afternoon in front of a movie= Awesome.

(Took this workout from:   It was awesome!)

Workout: Treadmill 45 Min/ 3.88miles

4 Min Warmup (walking)

Set 1

3 Min Tempo run

3 Min Sprint/Run (1 min sprint, 1 min run, 1 min sprint)

3 Min Tempo Run

3 Min Jog

Set 2

5 Min Tempo Run

5 Min Sprint/Run

5 Min Tempo Run

3 Min jog

Set 3

3 Min Tempo Run

3 Min Sprint/Run

3 Min Tempo Run

4 Minute cool down

10 Minutes of Ab Work….body tired.  AWESOME


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