Heaving Lifting

My alma mater had the slogan “Smart Women, Strong Women” (props if you can figure out where I went to college!) and boy am I living up to that today.  In preparation for a day of paper writing and studying, I headed off to the gym for a morning workout.  Did a solid 45 minutes of upper body weights and then hopped on the treadmill and did an easy 2 miles on a 1.5 incline.

Upper Body Workout:  When I lift upper body, I create “mini-circuits” of 3 workouts each that I repeat 3 times.

Circuit 1: 

Bench Press ( 12 rep at 70lb, 12 rep at 75lb, 10 rep at 80lb)

Incline Bench Press (12 rep at 55, 10 rep at 55, 12 rep at 55)

Shoulder Raises (10 rep at 7.5lb each arm x3)

Circuit 2:

Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press (8 rep at 17.5lb each arm x3)

Upright Row (10 rep at 35 lb bar x3)

Side Bend (10 rep each side at 25 lb x3)

Circuit 3:

Bicep Curl (10 rep at 17.5lb each arm x3)

Overhead Pull down (10 rep at 75 lb x3)

Tricep Overhead Extension (10 rep at 27.5lb x3)

Did a few other random exercises that were not part of circuits to really work my muscles to failure.  The whole thing took me about 45min.  Tired and happy. Jumped on the treadmill, got good and sweaty and then headed home and refueled with this beauty:


Pumpkin- Green Smoothie

1 banana

1/2 cup unsweetened plain almond milk

1 large handful spinach

1/3 cup raw pumpkin puree

Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Squirt of honey


Off to spend the day writing a paper.  Grad students are a real strange mix of student and paid researcher.  Some days I forget that I’m actually in “school” and think I just work at some chemical company.  Then days like this remind me that I still have grades and papers and classes and all those good things to deal with as well.   Strong women! Smart Women!


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