Sunday: The Day of Rest?

Happy Sunday!  Its GORGEOUS here; fall is making its presence known and I’m totally rocking the fall sweaters and boots!  As per usual, Sunday is my rest day- from exercise that is.  6 days a week is plenty for me, thank you, so when Sunday comes I am thrilled to sleep in, make a leisurely breakfast and spend a few minutes  hours browsing my favorite blogs, newspapers, etc.  Unfortunately, this morning was not like that.  Because of my super short work day on Friday, I’m here at work at 9 am on a Sunday.  Granted, I can’t be working THAT hard if I’m writing a blog post, but chemistry takes a lot of up-down work.  One minute you are running around the lab frantically trying to find the right chemical and the next you are sitting at your desk for 2 hours because that stupid reaction still isn’t done stirring.  Right now I’m 30 minutes into a 2 hour reaction, so blog time!  I really enjoy working when no one else is around, mostly because I am a monumental klutz.  In my first 6 months in the lab I managed to break everything from flasks to other people’s reaction vessels.  I am certainly not proud of this, but its a fact of life- I’m clumsy! I’ve gotten much better, but I still get stage fright when people are hanging around watching me, so I prefer to work early morning and weekends when fewer people are around.  Anything to keep me from needing 6 years to finish by Ph.D!

In addition, being alone in lab allows me to take glamour shots of my hood! (WARNING: NERD AHEAD!)

Messy Messy Lab (but we recently passed safety inspection!!)

My Desk and our whiteboard of "ideas"




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