To Partner or Not to Partner

This morning while I was doing my morning lower body lift, I ran into my friend Mike, who also works out super early in the morning.  He knows pretty much everyone, and this morning wanted to introduce me to a woman he knows who wanted to join up with a workout partner and possible do a race of some sort.  I am looking into doing a triathlon, but I wasn’t really planning on getting a workout partner.  I am torn because I know a workout partner is something lots of people have when they first start out, but I’m not starting out….I’ve been lifting for almost 8 years and swimming since I was born (literally, my mom swam while pregnant with me until the day I was born).  So, being the mathematical and analytically person that I am….I made a pro-con list of having a workout buddy.


Always someone to talk to, get new workouts from,etc

Meet new people (I tend to be a bit of a loner)

Maybe have someone to race with in a triathlon


I work out really early in the morning, and not everyone is up for that.  I am NOT an afternoon exerciser, so this is my non-negotiable

I really like to zone out when I do my workout.  Turn music on, get my body going and just forget about the world.  I am not a social exerciser

Being stuck to a rigid training schedule.  I like to do the exercise that my body feels like doing on whatever day it is.  I may have grand plans to go swim for an hour, but if my body is telling me it would rather run, then I do it.  Not a big fan of planned workouts

Having different skill levels and skill sets: I know I am a stronger swimmer and this women in a much stronger runner- this could be awkward!

So….do I just go for it and give this partner thing a shot?  I’m thinking its not a bad idea for a few weeks, see where it goes, and then go from there.  However, if its really not for me, I don’t want to insult or disappoint this woman, because I can tell she really wants someone to be a workout buddy and if thats what works for her, I don’t want to be the person who drops her!  Advice time: what do I do???

Its going to be a dreary day here in the lab.  Lots of clouds and nice stiff, chilly fall wind.  Bundled up and ready to get to work!


2 thoughts on “To Partner or Not to Partner

    • Ya, that was my plan, but this girl is NOT reliable. She showed up twice in the last few weeks, with no warning when she would or wouldn’t be coming. I’m thinking I’ll go back to doing it alone!

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