This Morning on the Treadmill…

I saw a number I NEVER thought I’d see!!!

Workout: 4 MILES/ 46 minutes (just ignore the pathetic speed!)


The self-proclaimed swimmer for life, hater of running, hit 4 miles today and loved every single horrible second of it!  I am by no means a runner.  I average 10:30min/mile and tend to run at a slight incline (something about going slightly uphill seems to help me avoid side cramps) and hate every foot of that run…but at the end, I was just so proud of myself, that I couldn’t focus on the hate.  It appears I have found a new workout.  Running will always be a DISTANT second to my love of swimming, but its gaining speed (hahaha…pun intended) and I’m no longer the worst runner on the treadmills!


Work is busy.  I have a test Thursday, a paper that needs to get finished, qualifying exams coming up, and that pesky thing called research.  As a result, the only interesting thing in my life is exercise and of course, food.  For dinner tonight I whipped one of my favorites:

The World’s Best (Turkey) Burger! 

3 oz 99% lean ground Turkey

1 tsp mustard

1Tbsp whole wheat bread crumbs

3/4 Tbsp crumbled blue cheese

Salt and Pepper

Combine all ingredients except for cheese in a bowl and mash around until you have something of hamburger consistency.  Form into a disk and spread blue cheese in the middle.  Fold disk over to form a little packet around the blue cheese and form into a patty.  Over medium-heat, sear the burger so that all sides are a nice golden brown, but the meat is not fully cooked.  Transfer to a baking sheet and put in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 min to finish cooking.

I served mine with roasted eggplant over a bed of kale.  Yum!


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