Off to the great outdoors!

I am escaping the city (and the lab) for the weekend and at 3pm (chemistry god-willing!) I will be in my trusty Subaru heading for the great outdoors of PA! I’m looking forward to spending time with boyfriend, my nephew- who is turning 2, time flies!- and the rest of the family.  We have plans to watch lots of movies, go pumpkin picking and go to an amusement park.  I am NOT a fan of roller coasters, but boyfriend’s family takes this trip every year and its very nice of them to invite me along.  My aversion for heights and things that go woosh generally leaves me to walk around the park and people watch, hold boyfriend’s cotton candy while he wooshes around (just kidding, I hold his prizes from skee-ball), and take way too many pictures.

Only obstacle to getting to this fun, relaxing weekend, is the drive.  Getting out of New England requires driving through New York, over either the George Washington or Tappen Zee Bridge.

Please don't let me get stuck on this mess!!!

Everyone has their favorite, but I say no matter which one you pick, you will be stuck at the top of the bridge, listening to New Yorkers honk their horns and scream obscenities that are somehow supposed to get this Jersey girl to sprout wings and fly over the traffic to remove myself from their path.  Doesn’t happen.  I just crank my music- currently Adele in honor of this video- and rock out in my car.

Anyone doing anything fun and fall festive this weekend??  I promise to pick out an extra large pumpkin!

A pumpkin boat! How cool is that?!?


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