Back to the city

I’m back in the city after my wonderful weekend in the country.  I managed to avoid too much traffic on Friday evening and arrived at boyfriend’s with time to spare (he wasn’t even home!- nothing like letting your girlfriend sit in her car in your driveway).  We made a great dinner, watched movies, ate s’mores (I had a very strong and strange craving for them) and fell asleep on the couch around 10pm.  Perfect way to start out my weekend.  Saturday we headed out to the amusement park.  Boyfriend managed to get me on the haunted house ride- I’m not going to lie, I hid my eyes for most of it- but I did it!  We walked around, laughed at all the adorable kids in Halloween costumes, and came up with the best business plan ever: Rent-a-Kid.  Now, before you peg us a creepy child abductors, let me say that we LOVE to go to family locations: beaches, zoos, amusement parks, science museums, you name it, we love it.  Problem is….we are generally the only adults there without a child, and that can be a little awkward when you are ooing and aahing over the newest colors at the Crayola museum and a family of 5 children is standing behind you waiting to get their turn in line.  So, we jokingly (ok, totally seriously) thought that someone needs to come up with a business where you can rent a child for a day and take them to the movies, museum, whatever kid oriented location you feel silly going to do alone.  Yes….we realize the legal ramifications of this business, but until we are ready to have kids of our own, this would have to do!

We spent Sunday hanging around and being lazy, which was nice since Saturday was a long day.  I managed to get a workout in by running 3 miles around the local roads on Saturday morning.  It was sooooo much more beautiful than I realized from a car.  You really get a better view at running speed!  Headed back Sunday night, crashed into bed after carelessly unpacking, and was up bright and early this morning for a 4 mile treadmill workout and back to work by 8 am.  How fast the fun passes….

Site of my morning run! (GORGEOUS)


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