Busy Busy Busy

Cat snuggles make everything better!

It has been a few days since I’ve had time to even THINK about sitting down and blogging.  Between my adventurous weekend in NJ and my subsequent Monday in bed, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.  It all start Friday, when I headed home to NJ to see my mom for the weekend.  We had all sorts of plans, including shopping, watching movies and going to see my grandparents.  Unfortunately, the weather had other plans.  Saturday morning we headed to the gym for a workout, and halfway through I looked out the window to see a gorgeous blanket of snow appearing on the ground.  I LOVE snow.  I love winter, the cold, fires in the fireplace and anything snow related.  I don’t generally get angry with snow, but this was just too early!  Snow was creeping up on the road, our car was sliding all over the place, and we yelled uncle and cancelled our trip to my grandparents’ house.  Back at home, we settled down for an afternoon of movie watching and gossip, but boom…out goes the power.  Let me remind you: its SNOWING.  Its coooooold.  brrrr.  The house just got colder, darker and more uncomfortable.  We did our best to have fun, stay warm and not get worried about how cold it was, but it was really getting bad.  I got into bed at 8pm, hoping the power would come on during the night, but it did not.  I spent Sunday morning at Starbucks with my mom drinking anything warm, eating the only food available in town and watching our fellow townspeople come in in various states of disarray.  It was clear that no one had slept, showered, or eaten anything in about 36 hours.  I headed back to the great North on Sunday afternoon, leaving my mom and her cat huddled up under a blanket, hoping the power would come back on soon.  Its now Tuesday, still no power.  I woke up yesterday feeling VERY sick.  I think something about being cold for 48 hours makes your body stop working correctly.  I pulled myself out of bed, went for an incredibly painful run and dragged myself to work.  45 minutes into my workday, I left, for fear that I might get sick all over my computer or desk.  Back to bed I went, and spent the remainder of the day watching TV and reading books while sipping hot tea. Overall, it was a crappy crappy weekend.  I love my mom and always want to see her, but that was certainly not the weekend we had planned.  On a happy note, here are some pictures of pretty snow!



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