The Swimmer that I am; The Runner I am not

Swim Workout: 3000 m/ 45 min

500 free easy

200 pull

200 kick

8X100 : (2 sets of sprint, sprint, pull, IM) @ 1:30

8X75: (2 sets of sprint, pull, recover, sprint) @ :10 sec rest

500 kick set

200 CD


After Monday’s awful run and yesterday’s killer weight workout, my body was aching this morning.  I hopped in the pool hoping to go for an easy 2000m, and I just kept going!  No matter how much I run, train and repeat those silly mantras (I AM a runner) to myself, I know what I am:  I am a swimmer.  There is just something about being in the water that makes every muscle in my body come together in some sort of harmony I’ve never experienced elsewhere.  When I run, I have to think about every step, force my feet in front of each other, get my arms working, remember to breathe, and a million other things.  I may be able to run 4 miles without a stopping now, but it is never going to feel good or easy.  Swimming, on the other hand, is just bliss.  My body just knows what to do and it goes for it.  I suppose I should stop pretending to be something I’m not and do what I know best.  That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on running; it does mean that I’m going to temper my expectations.  No more dreams of half-marathons and running like the wind.  No more of this silly “I’ll be a runner if I just work harder”.  Nope. I know what I am, and I know what I’m not.  I’m a swimmer, not a runner.  I’m a swimmer, but not a quitter- so treadmill…I’ll see you tomorrow morning 🙂


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