Swim Like a Fish

So that whole moderation thing I was on about yesterday….I sunk it in the pool this morning.

Workout: 3000m/45 min

5oo free easy

200 kick

200 pull

8X100 @ 1:30 (2 swim, 1 pull, 1 IM)

8X 75 10sec rest (swim, pull, sprint, swim)

500 kick set

200 CD

So this is a pretty general workout, and I repeat it a lot, but this morning I smoked through it.  I had headed to the pool with every intention of doing a slow 2500m recovery swim.  This week has been a blur of heaving lifting, brick workouts, and painful muscles, so I wanted something to ease me into my planned long run on Saturday.  As luck would have it, I arrived at the pool at the same time these two buff guys that I see in the weight room all the time.  Now, this was my territory, and I wasn’t about to let them pass me in the pool, so in I jumped and zoom….I always start my workouts with an easy 500 free.  I like to keep this to about a 9-10 min pace, which is slow but a nice warm up.  I looked up at the clock after I was done and saw I had finished in 7:45.  Zoom….wayyyy to fast considering this was supposed to be a recovery swim and this was a warm up! I tried to slow myself down, but I just kept seeing those men in the next lane and I had to fly by them; I didn’t have a choice 🙂 Needless to say, my “slow” 2500m swim turned into an all out, heart pumping, arm burning 45 min zoom session. I got out of the pool, feeling great ( I love the burn) and starving. Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind, let moderation sink, and go for it.


At the moment, moderation is sounding pretty good.  I was too tired to put on real clothes, so I’m working in the lab in work out clothes today (wet hair, no makeup and workout clothes….great day for my male co workers :).  I’m looking forward to a super long stretching session this evening, followed by more lack of moderation in the form of extra hours of sleep!


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