Taking the Plunge

I did it!  I signed up for my first EVER race (of the running variety, that is).  On Dec 11, my friend Candice, her boyfriend Alex, and I will be running a 5k in our lovely city to benefit a Toys for Tots charity this holiday season.  Alex is super runner (he does half marathons, speedy 5ks, etc) so he will be off and running like the wind, which leaves me and Candice to plod our way through the streets.  Neither of us a fabulous runner, but we are both learning and getting better and are excited about this new challenge.  I have no time goal.  I just want to cross that finish line, and hopefully fall in love with racing.


Today’s Workout: 3.2 mile run, 5 mile bike/ 1 hour total

My legs have been feeling really sore lately.  I think its because I’ve finally reached the point in my running where I can do 3 miles as part of my workout rather than it being the entire thing.  Combining biking and running really does make your legs feel like bricks! So, the other day, I took another plunge and bought myself a foam roller.  It is officially my new best friend.  My legs feel so much better.  Not to say I still don’t feel the affects of running, but my calves are no longer crying out in pain all day and my hips feel much looser.  Next on the plunge list: get to a running store and have my shoes fitted by someone who knows what they are talking about!

Off to finish off my day of work.  Its incredibly dreary here.  4:40pm and pitch dark out. Ahhh gotta love New England in the fall 😦


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