Attacking the Track

Workout: 4.5mile run/48 min


5K and Half Marathon training is underway! I went to bed early last night and then headed to the track at 9am this morning for my first track run of the training season.  I used to go to the track with my mom all the time as a kid, but most of my time was spent roller skating around, not running.  I also used to bring my skip-it (does anyone else remember how awesome those things are?!) until it got stolen (seriously, one of the saddest days of my childhood).  Anyway, I didn’t do a whole lot of running on the track as a kid, so today was a new experience.  My training schedule has 4miles on it for today, so I planned to do a 1mile warm up, 2 mile run, 1 mile cooldown.  I started out walking .25mile to get my legs moving and then ran 1.75mile, walked another .25mile and was planning to finish up with another 1.75 mile run, but when I hit 1.75mile I just kept going.  I had already reached my 4 mile goal, but I knew I could do more.  I ended up doing 4.5 miles, but I know my legs had another mile in them, at least.  I stopped when I did because I wanted to be able to walk tomorrow!  I may know I’m capable of more, but seeing as this is my first real training experience, I decided not to go all out just yet- avoiding injury is key!  Either way, I’m feeling pretty stoked about my run today, and I can’t wait to get back out there again!


Thanksgiving is coming up super fast.  I would normally work until Wednesday and then make the trek back to my momma’s house in NJ, but I’m actually heading home on Monday.  My grandfather, my absolute hero and favorite man in the world, is very ill.  He is likely not going to live past Christmas, so it is with a very heavy heart that I will return to NJ early to spend as much time with him as I can.  I’m thrilled to go home, but I just wish it were until different circumstances.


Doing a bit of work tomorrow, and then heading to the Under Armor outlet to buy some winter running gear!


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