Black and Green Power Salad

So this weekend has been slightly more indulgent than I would have liked.  Between boyfriend time, friend time, and late nights without time to cook, I’ve eaten more pizza in the last 48 hours than I think I did all of the last 6 months.  In addition, I’m trying to clean out my fridge in preparation for going home for Thanksgiving, so I haven’t done any food shopping.  This lead me to what I believe to be my best culinary discovery in a long time.  I’m calling it the black and green power salad and it is delish!

Black and Green Power Salad

1/2 cup canned black beans, drained

1-2 tsp olive oil

1-2 tsp honey

assortment of leafy greens- I used kale, spinach and asparagus

Cayenne pepper




I steamed the veggies until they were just wilted, but not fully cooked, then tossed them with the beans and seasoning ingredients.  I like my salads spicy, so I used at least 3 cloves of garlic and a heavy hand of both black and cayenne pepper. As I finish eating it my taste buds are happily burning away, but I think this could be adjusted for pretty much any taste preference.  I think the honey cuts the real heat of the cayenne nicely and if I had it, I bet a squirt of lemon juice would top it off perfectly!

Served with a side of rice crackers. And you best believe, I ate that whole bowl 🙂



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