My First 5k and Runner’s High

I did it!! This morning, my friend Candice, her boyfriend Alex and I ran a local 5k.  It was my first official running race (I’ve swam innumerable races, but never run one before!) and I think I’m hooked!  The race was sponsored by a local bar, so it was a very laid back race.  Tons of people were in costume- there was even a cheerleading squad that ran tethered together dressed up as santa’s reindeer!- and everyone was laughing and having a great time.

We lined up around 10am and did a little bouncing around.  The temperature was hovering somewhere around 30 degrees and it was COLD, so I needed to get running.  Alex is a seasoned runner, so he pushed his way to the front of the pack and went out like a bat out of hell.  Candice and I decided to take it nice and easy with our goal being running the entire race.  The first two miles went great.  I felt like we fell into a really comfortable pace and I enjoyed watching all the other people.  At the first mile marker, a girl calling out times said our time was 11:15.  We had crossed the start line a little after 1 minute, so that made our time somewhere around the 10 minute mark.  Mile 2 was about 21 min, so we were keeping a really great pace.  A little after mile 2, Candice and I took a 30 second walk break, just to make sure we were still feeling good.  It was the only break we took, and I think we both could have done without it.  The last mile was so much fun.  We could see down the road where the finish line was and every few blocks I knew we were getting closer and closer.  With about .10 mile left I looked over to the side of the road and spotted Alex stretching on the sidelines.  Candice yelled out to him and he immediately started cheering and running toward us.  He hadn’t been expecting us that soon and we so excited.  It was so nice to have someone there to cheer us on.  Alex is such a fast runner (he finished in 19:18 zooom!) but he still saw that our finish was a huge accomplishment for us and he was right there cheering and screaming and running with us to the finish.  I saw a pack of women in front of us and I took off sprinting around them.  This was my first race and I was going to have my own moment at the finish line.  No finishing in a pack for this girl!  Candice and I took off and sprinted the last few hundred yards and crossed the finish line within seconds of each other.  The official times weren’t posted yet, but I think we finished somewhere around 32 minutes.

What an awesome feeling that was! I have raced many many races in my life, and that feeling of accomplishment never gets old.  Its just so exciting to achieve your goal (we smashed ours, as we planned on running in about 35 min) and the runner’s high was out of this world!  We made our way to the food tent- bypassed the beer, since I thought that sounded disgusting at 11am after running 3.1miles- and grabbed bananas and muffins before catching up with our other friends.  The after party goes on all day, but I headed home to shower, eat something warm and wrap some Christmas presents.  What an awesome day.  I can’t WAIT to run another!  Half Marathon….here I come 🙂


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