Parrot Suit

Happy Post Christmas and almost New Year!  Christmas this year was very quiet, but I had a nice time with my mama and nana.  We ate way too much delicious food (my mom is a fabulous cook) and watched a lot of movies.  This morning I decided to head to the pool at our local YMCA for a serious sweat session.  I had packed all my swim gear, fins, goggles, cap, pull buoy,etc, but this morning I discovered I had forgotten the integral piece: the bathing suit!  Luckily, my mother is an insane swimmer as well, and orders suits by the dozen from  I usually don’t care what my suit looks like, as long as it fits, so I went to her stash to grab one.  Much to my disappointment, there was only one left, and it was THE suit….A few months ago, my mom got her annual dozen suits in the mail and we were horrified to see a suit covered in orange and green parrots!  One of the many negatives of buying cheapo grab-bag suits, is that you get the leftover patterns, but we had never seen as anything as hideous that this thing!  Needless to say, we both refused to wear it, and laughed about how stupid the poor person who had to wear it would look.  Well, this morning, I wore the parrot suit.  My mom couldn’t stop laughing, and I’m pretty sure she planned it that way so that I’d look like a complete idiot in the pool, but it was a pretty comfy suit!  I was a tad bit embarrassed walking into the pool with orange parrots all over my butt, but once I got in the water, those parrots served me well!

Workout: 3200 m, 5o minutes

I repeated the following set twice:

500 free @ 8min

500 pull @ 9 min

500 kick

and ended with a 200 cooldown

Short, simple, sweaty.  Just what I wanted

Seriously, how ugly is this thing...

Just got home and I’m gobbling down a banana and almond butter smoothie while I wait for 1pm when I can go meet my friend Kelly for lunch.  Hungry….1pm can’t come fast enough!


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