Self Defense

Happy New Year!  I ended 2011 with a long run yesterday in a park near my mom’s house.  She had suggested that I head to this park because the loops was about 1.25miles long and I could do a good distance run and avoid running in circles like a hamster on a wheel.  I drove out to the park, locked my stuff in the car and headed out for a 6 miler.  The first bit of the loop is pretty flat, but that is where the flat stops.  The rest of the loops was either constantly up a hill or a series of small rolling hills and many many little turns.  Looking at the path, it didn’t look very hilly at all, but I think it was just so constant that I never felt like I was running on flat land.  I buckled down, did my 6.25 miles in 1:07 (a full minute faster than last week AND it was hilly) and felt very proud of myself.  I may not love those hills, but they did my body good and I know I am getting stronger.  Then my mom and I headed out to do some post-Christmas returns and I got some serious swag for very little money.  I love my J.Crew sales 🙂

After dinner I headed over to a New Year’s Eve party at the house of one of my best friends from high school.  He is home from Law School for a few days and had a nice group of his new law school friends, old high school buddies and random people who tagged along.  Overall it was really fun, but I did have a run-in with a very drunk guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  This guy was a few inches shorter than me, but about a foot wider- and entirely muscle.  He was the guest of one of my friend’s law school buddies, and at first he seemed ok.  A little quiet, but ok.  One of this dude’s friends asked me if I thought he was cute.  Not wanting to be rude to a bunch of drunk girls, I nodded and smiled nicely and said, yes, he was an attractive guy.  Next thing I know, this guy would not leave me alone.  He was at my side for almost an hour and when the ball dropped signaling the new year, he grabbed me and pulled me close clearly trying to get a nye kiss.  I told him that I had a boyfriend, but I guess alcohol erased that.  I backed away and very awkwardly shook his hand…yes, I know, I’m the queen of awkward.  He didn’t seem to take the hint and proceeded to bug me to the rest of the night, touching me inappropriately, giving me lots of sloppy drunk hugs and trying to get me to go “see the basement” with him.  After many, many interventions from friends who could see I wanted this guy away from me, I slipped out the back door when he was in the bathroom and ran to my car to get home.  I generally think I have a pretty good control over situations like this, and because I don’t drink much (if at all) I am usually in the best position to take care of myself, but this whole night really spooked me.  I’m not a small woman, but this guy could have picked me up with one hand (and attempted to do so before my friend pulled him away) and it made me feel more vulnerable than I ever have before.

With that in mind, I can’t think of a better reason to take care of myself, both physically and mentally.  I’m heading off to the gym to do a recovery bike ride and some serious stretching, but I have to say…self defense classes may be in my future.  No more drunk idiots will be bothering this girl.  Girl power!



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