Germ Attack

I am sick.  Blah.  During work yesterday I could feel a cold coming on, but man did it hit hard.  I can’t breathe through my nose, my throat is on fire, and I have my lovely Minnie mouse voice that I develop whenever I get sick.  I think today is going to be a quiet day at work.  Luckily, the things I have on the list for today are all repeats of things I’ve done many times before (yay chemistry, it gets repetitive) so I can just zone out and get it done.


I did my weight lift this morning and even with my crappy energy level, I was pretty happy with how it went.  The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to incorporate newer moves into my workout, because I have a tendency to get stuck in a rut.  I think my new favorite piece of equipment is the Bosu Ball.  I’ve used one off an on  but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how versatile these things are.  My new favorite moves are pushups on the bosu- turn it upside down so the blue part is on the floor- and single leg deadlifts on the bosu- also with the blue part on the floor.  These take some serous balance to achieve and I can feel my arms getting stronger every time I do those pushups!


Anyone have a new favorite piece of equipment?  I’m always open to new suggestions!


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