Over the hump

Today is my day off from exercise, so I’m clearly taking full advantage of that by sitting on the couch catching up on my back log of Daily Show.  Yesterday I hit the gym early for a long run on the treadmill.  Its getting COLD here, so I’m moving indoors for the foreseeable future.  I got there right when the doors opened and managed to grab a treadmill before it got busy.  New Years resolution exercisers are out in droves, so once I got that treadmill I wasn’t giving it up.  I did 6 miles in about 1:05, which is a full 3 minutes faster than the first time I ran 6 miles a few weeks ago!

One thing I’m noticing as I start hitting higher mileage is how my body seems to respond to slower, long runs. I’m not a fast runner and my first mile is always painful.  It takes a long time for my body to warm up when running, something it doesn’t do when I swim.  In the pool, after a few minutes I feel my body change gears and I just go right into a rhythm.  For my first few miles of yesterday’s run, I felt like I was fighting with my body.  My strides were strong, my breathing was steady and I felt strong, but something just wasn’t clicking- I felt like I was fighting my natural inclination to stop with each step.  Then I got to mile 4 and everything changed.  I was still tired, my legs hurt, and my body wasn’t happy with me, but for some reason it was as if my body just begrudgingly agreed to keep going.  My legs decided that if they were going to be in pain, they may as well get this nonsense over with faster and jump on board.  My last two miles were faster and “easier” than the first 4.  Guess you just have to beat your legs into submission and then they’ll stop fighting you!

Worked in lab for a few hours this morning and now I’m ready to fall asleep on the couch.  Happy Sunday 🙂


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