Almost there

It’s been nearly three weeks since I felt an uncomfortable twinge in my lift thigh during a run and told myself- no big deal, just keep running.  Unfortunately, I kept running and it got so bad that I started to have trouble doing normal things, like walking.  One afternoon while I was limping up a staircase, I realized that I was being ridiculous.  I’m not an elite athlete, I’m barely a competent runner, and there I was hurting my body because I didn’t want to admit defeat.  Anyway, I decided to take a full week and a half off from running to let my body heal.  Since then I’ve swam, lifted, biked and stair-mastered my way through the week.  I definitely feel a difference in my thigh and I think I’m just about back to normal.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be my first run back and I can’t wait!

This morning I jumped in the pool for a solid 45 minutes.  I swam hard, but not full out and finished 2800m.

500 free warmup

500 pull


Pyramid: 50,100,150,200,150,100,50

3X100 sprint

200 Cool down

The swim felt good but I can’t wait to get back to running tomorrow.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t snow overnight!


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