I’m so frustrated with my body this morning.  I’ve been sick all week, so rather than getting in the pool (chlorine makes me sneeze extra bad) I decided to do a cardio combo at the gym.  First up, I did 25 minutes on the step machine which was a great sweaty warm up.  Next, I jumped on the treadmill hoping to run a 5K, but my hip just isn’t going to give me a break.  The first mile was painful, but I was hoping it was just my hip loosening up.  At 1.2 miles, I decided to call it quits.  Each step felt like someone was stabbing me with a huge needle and my hip just felt so weak.  Rather than do serious damage, I got off the treadmill and finished up with 20 minutes of hard intervals on the stationary bike.

Overall, I got a great workout, but I am just so frustrated.  When I started running a few months ago the hardest part was working up the endurance to run distances over 3 miles.  Now, I am perfectly capable of running 8 miles in a go, but my body isn’t complying.  The fitness is there, but the muscle just doesn’t want to do it.  I’m thinking of going to see a chiropractor or physical therapist about this because not only does it really hurt to run, the adjustments I’m making to lessen the pain are making my stride incredibly unnatural.  As a result, my back hurts, my ankle was locked up last week and I can tell that I’m wasting energy trying to run “normal”.  Perhaps this is something that can be fixed easily with some specialized stretching; perhaps its a real injury that I should have taken care of long ago.  The only thing thats holding me back is my own stupid pride and self esteem.  I don’t think of myself as a runner.  I’m an athlete- thats also been one of my self-descriptors- but I’ve never seen myself as a runner.  Hell, I can barely run more than 20 miles per week.  Real runners run 120 miles a week!  (Or so I thought)  I don’t want to walk into a doctor’s office and say “I’m a runner and I would like you to help me with this injury” if the doctor then asks about my fitness routine and finds out that I’m barely a recreational runner. I don’t want someone to feel like I am wasting their time.  They could be helping real runners who are training for marathons, etc, not this stupid girl who wants to run a 10K!

I’m not sure what to do and I don’t have any answers for what I want to hear.  I’m just frustrated and annoyed because I know I’m capable of so much more….


3 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. Please go to a doctor (preferably an ortho type specializing in sports medicine) before even thinking about going to a chiropractor. If you have something like a stress fracture then going that route could make things worse. If rest isn’t making it better then going to a doctor is really important to get a proper diagnosis so you will know that continuing to train on it isn’t doing permanent damage.

    I know how frustrating this is. I’m dealing with a knee problem that won’t resolve. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to being in pain from now on . . . but I did go the doctor/physical therapy route to try to diagnose and fix the problem.

    I do hope your hip feels better soon. Keep us updated, okay?

  2. Also, you are right to be concerned about changing your running form because you are favoring your hip. Many times this causes a secondary injury which can be worse than the initial injury. Just another reason to obtain a proper diagnosis if laying off the running for a while does not resolve the pain.
    Take care!

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