Today was another day in the weight room.  Last week was a terrible week running-wise, so I’ve been focusing on getting stronger as an overall health goal rather than focusing on running.  I’ve always loved to lift and I credit my mom with teaching me the ways of the weight room.  However, recently I’ve been a rut where I do the same moves, the same weight, the same everything.  Muscles get bored and stop responding to repetitive movements, so its good to mix it up now and then to shock those muscle fibers back into action.

This morning I focused on increasing the weight on my two favorite exercises: bench press and squats.  My “happy weight” for these exercises is about 80lbs for bench press and 105lbs for squats.  I can happily bust out 3 sets of 12 on these weights and not feel it- not a good sign!  The rule of thumb when lifting is that the last two reps should feel hard and really max you out.  Today I benched 80lbs for 1 warm up set and then did 3 smaller sets (6-8 reps each) at 90 lbs.  My arms were definitely shaking when I was done.  Then I moved to the squat bar and started with a nice warm up set at 100lbs.  I slowly added weight each set and ended up doing 5 sets with (100lbs, 105lb, 110 x2, 115lbs).  I managed to bust out 8 reps on that last set, but boy did that hurt!  What an awesome burn.  I did another 45 minutes of general weights and then finished up with 30 minutes on the stationary bike doing 1 minute repeats of 1 min low resistance, 1 min high resistance/sprint.  Good workout with  major gains in the weight room.

In addition to my awesome workout, today is sweet potato day!  I LOVEEEE sweet potatoes but I never get home from work in time to bake them properly.  I don’t own a microwave and honestly, its sacrilege to bake a potato in a microwave!  I love the way potato skin gets all crispy on the outside and the inside is gooey and warm and baked to perfection.  Anyway….every Sunday I bake myself a sweet potato and savor every single bite.  I’m counting down the hours until I can put it in the oven and start to smell the amazing sweet aroma as it fills my apartment.  Nothing better than a sweet potato doused in cinnamon straight out of the oven.  Well, I’m off to drool….happy sweet potato day!



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