New Shoes

The last few days have been very good, injury wise.  My hip seems to have calmed down and I even ran twice!  I discovered a few weeks ago that my hip issues started right around the time I bought new running shoes.  I went to my local running store and got fitted for new shoes, but it surprised me that the guy who sold me my shoes told me I’d been running in the completely wrong shoe type.  I had always thought I was an overpronator, but he claimed I was a neutral runner and therefore should buy neutral running shoes.  So, I bought the shoes he recommended and starting running.  Turns out…he was wrong.  These shoes are definitely the cause of my hip pain.  Two weeks ago I switched back to my old shoes and ta-da! Hip pain gone.  Okay, not totally gone, but to a level I can handle and rapidly falling.  I don’t know if this means the guy at the store was totally wrong, or my stride when I run is different from what he thought.  Either way, I now have a brand new pair of running shoes that I can’t use.  Disappointing, yes, but I’d rather waste money on shoes than have a serious injury.

That brings me to my workouts so far this week.

Monday: 5 mile run following the 3’s and 5’s workout

Tuesday: 2000m row followed by 55 minutes of full body weights

Wednesday: 4 mile run: 1 mile warm up, 4X800 @ 9:30 pace with 400m jog between each.

I’ve been stretching, icing (in the morning) and using the heating pad (at night) religiously, so hopefully this regiment will keep my hip in running shape.  I’m backing off the running until the weekend, hoping that a long recovery between my speed work and Saturday long run will be beneficial.


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