Triathlon Training Part 2: Knowing when to stop

Happy Thursday!

So today is the ides of March and yesterday was pi (not pie) day.  I love pointless holidays, especially when they are back to back. Anywho….  today is part 2 of my ever-interesting triathlon training adventure!  This morning I set out to recreate my brick workout from last week by biking 10 miles and running a 5k.  

Workout started great with a hard, hilly 10 mile bike.  I finished in about 40 minutes, which means I was moving about 15mph.  Not fast, by any means, but it’s a good solid pace to shoot for considering this is my first attempt at all this.  I felt great off the bike and hopped right on the treadmill.  I started out at a 10 min pace and maintained this the first mile.  The second mile I upped the pace to 9:40.  At about 1.75 the wheels fell off.  I had been having a stubborn side stitch since early in the first mile, but I was convinced I could run through it.  I tried all the tricks in the book: sipping water, breathing out while pressing on my side, massaging my side, etc etc and nothing worked.  It just kept getting worse until it reached the point where it hurt to breathe.  Thats when I realized I was in trouble.  I started feeling dizzy (hell, I couldn’t breathe!) and decided it was time to stop.  I slowed to a walk, my cramp subsided, I stopped feeling dizzy and I finished out the workout by walking at an incline to about 2.75 miles.

I feel like I need to give this statement its own paragraph:  There is no workout/race/training run/whatever worth hurting yourself over. 

If I could reach through the computer and shake you as I say that, I would.  Did I leave the gym disappointed?  You’re damn right I did! My body was really good, my pace was right where I wanted it and I really wanted that workout.  But, there is no workout worth passing out on a treadmill for.  Nothing is more important that my health.  After all, isn’t that why I’m doing this triathlon in the first place?  Yes, its about a challenge and it sounds like fun, but overall I’m doing it to stay in shape.  If I push myself to the point of injury or sickness, I’m doing myself a huge disservice.  Will I give this workout another try next week?  Hell ya!

Total workout for the day: 10mile bike/2.75 walk/run.  Booyah!

Tomorrow its into the pool for me and my triathlon buddy.  I’m hoping to bang out about 3500m and my buddy is going to come with me for a quick lesson on flip turns.  Going to be fun!


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