Weekend in Review: Kicking my butt

Back to work today 😦  It is lovely outside and all I want to do is sit outside on the lawn and lay in the sun.  Alas, grad school has be stuck inside watching the beauty through the windows.

I had a rocking weekend, workout wise.  After my strange dizzy spell on Thursday, things have been looking up and I’m feeling great!

Friday I hopped in the pool with my tri-buddy and after giving her some tips, headed out for my favorite kick-your-ass workout.

500 free

500 pull

500 kick

3 x 300 pull/swim/pull

2x 200 IM

200 cool down

3000m/50 minutes


Saturday I did a full body lift and followed it up with 30 min/7 miles on the bike.

Sunday was a 30 min step machine/ 5k run combo

Monday (today) : 5.75miles/1 hour on the treadmill


I’m feeling great, very little hip pain, and I can’t wait for my triathlon! Its only a month away, but I think I’m going to be fine.  My goal is to attempt the brick workout again on Wednesday, but I’ll start out the run slower and hopefully avoid any side cramps this time.  I think in addition to hunger, last time I started out too fast and lost it early.  I should know better than this!

The first official day of spring is tomorrow and I can’t wait until I get back outside!  No more treadmill running for me.


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