About Me

I am a graduate student studying for my Ph.D in Chemistry.  I love to lift weights, swim, cook and, of course, eat.  After years in school, working way too many hours in a lab and struggling with body image problems, I am trying to get my health on track and live a healthier life.

My definition of healthy does not mean 10% body fat, meals consisting of plain, boiled chicken and broccoli; it does mean that I have to work out to exhaustion or beat myself up for skipping a workout; it doesn’t mean that eating a cookie with destroy all my plans.  Healthy to me used to mean these things, and they nearly destroyed my physical and mental health.  Now, healthy means eating a diet of mostly whole, organic foods.  I say mostly because I love a good beer, a delicious cookie and sometimes you just have to have ice cream.  Small indulgences (I refuse to use the word “cheat”) are a part of a balanced diet and I enjoy eat and every one of them.

My workouts consist of heavy lifting 3 days/week (sometimes more, sometimes less) and 3-4 days/week of swimming/biking.  I generally take one day off a week, but if my body is feeling good I may skip it or bump it up to two if I’m extra tired.  My favorite exercises are power-lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses but I’m starting to incorporate cardio bursts into my weight training and I’m excited to see how this affects my overall strength and conditioning.

I love to cook and eat and I especially love to cook for other people.  More days than not I eat vegetarian, but I do eat meat.  Staples in my diet include greek yogurt, oatmeal, tons of veggies (generally seasonal, so at the end of the winter I am so sick of squash!), fruit and nuts and seeds.  When I do eat meat it is generally fish or turkey although if I’m out at a restaurant I will dive headfirst into a great burger. I’m allergic to eggs, so when I bake it is generally vegan for the sake of simplicity.

The point of this blog is not to pat myself on the back for my awesome healthy living (trust me, there are plenty of blogs you can find to do that) but rather to document my journey to a holistic, healthy life.  I will share my workouts and recipes, my struggles and my successes and I would LOVE to hear the same from you.  Recipes and workouts are my favorite things to share, so if you have suggestions or old stand-bys I’d love to try them out too!


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